The Hiring of Ken Whisenhunt

When the Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt I, personally, wasn’t surprised. It was the obvious choice for a team moving in the Titans direction, which is to the top. The Titans are stacked on both sides of the ball and with a whole new staff coming in they should improve their 7-9 record by a few games. Whisenhunt is what the Titans need on their franchise. He’s proven to be a very successful coach.


Ken Whisenhunt has a track record for turning teams around. Whisenhunt was an offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2004-2006 and helped lead them to a Super Bowl in 2006, beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. He then left the Steelers for a head coaching job with the Arizona Cardinals. He coached there from 2007-2012, leading them to their first ever Super Bowl appearance. Sadly enough, that was cut short by his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, as they lost 27-23. Whisenhunt was 45-51 as a head coach over that span. Whisenhunt then decided to take his talents out west to the San Diego Chargers in 2013 as their offensive coordinator, leading them to the playoffs before getting knocked out. Which brings us here to the Tennessee Titans, where in my opinion he will have his most success as a coach given the talent he’s provided with .

Ken Whisenhunt has proven to bring the best out of quarterbacks. He coached Kurt Warner and helped lead that team to the promise land. He also helped Philip Rivers get back to his pro bowl stature. Whisenhunt was given a great, young quarterback to coach in Jake Locker. Locker has shown promise if he can just improve a few details of his game. First and foremost, stay healthy, no quarterback can become an elite quarterback on the sidelines. Second, he needs to improve on his accuracy and vision. Lastly, he needs to make better decisions with the football, which means don’t run every chance you get and stay conservative. Once you cross that line of scrimmage and make your way up the field those quarterback hungry linebackers are making a b line for your head. I think Whisenhunt will help Locker with those minor details and all of a sudden Tennessee may have found their franchise quarterback of the future.

Then we get to the rest of the team, the defense and the rest of the offense. Tennessee has talented guys on both sides of the ball. The offense shows guys like: Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Delanie Walker, possibly Chris Johnson if he can get back to his normal self, Chance Warmack and some other players. The defense has guys like: Jurrell Casey, Zach Brown, Alterraun Verner, Michael Griffin, and Bernard Pollard among others. They have all the pieces to have a formidable team they just need to improve on those small details. Add a few pass rushers, a middle linebacker, offensive tackle, maybe another offensive weapon, and a running back pending on what happens to Chris Johnson. They get some guys to fill these needs and they could very well find themselves in the mix for a Super Bowl championship.




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