Rick “The Horror” Story

Rick “The Horror” Story is a mixed martial arts fighter for the UFC. Rick Story followed me on twitter (Rick_Story) today, which is an accomplishment to me considering I write about sports, so I decided to write an article about this UFC fighter.


Rick “The Horror” Story got his nickname because he is a nightmare for his opponents across the octagon. Story’s debut in the UFC was in 2009 at UFC 99, unfortunately that fight didn’t go as planned as he lost to John Hathaway by unanimous decision. Story never let that effect him though, as he embarked on a 6 fight win streak defeating the likes of Johnny Hendricks and Thiago Alves. After defeating former number one contender Thiago Alves, Story found himself fighting Nate Marquardt  at UFC on Verses 4 before Marquardt pulled out of the fight on the day of the weigh-ins and Story was forced to then face Charlie Brenneman and lost via unanimous decision. Since then Story hasn’t been able to find his groove inside the octagon.

Story has tremendous talent though being a former wrestler and football player in high school. It wasn’t until college that Story learned more mixed martial arts moves as a friend asked to trade takedown techniques for submission techniques. After that Story has always been into mixed martial arts and trained until asked to a fight.

As you can see story has great cardio, wrestling ability, striking, and talent. Story likes to take his fights all the way to the end, which shows he can last all 5 championship rounds. Story can control the fight having 9 of his 16 wins have been by decision and 6 of his 7 losses have been by decision. Story has the cardio and skill to last all rounds of a fight. I believe its only a matter of time before Rick “The Horror” Story is fighting for the UFC welterweight championship and return to his natural self.


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