Free Agency is Approaching!!

With free agency looming, many teams have a lot of tough decisions to make. One team that comes to mind is the Tennessee Titans, they have numerous decisions to make and plenty of players they need to sign. The best free agents Tennessee needs to re-sign are Alterraun Verner and Bernard Pollard. While Verner is going to cost them a load of money if they decide to re-sign him, Pollard is a different story. He has some age under his belt so I believe they’ll be able to re-sign him easily, however Verner might slip away to another team. Rumor has it that the Titans are meeting with Verner and Pollard at the NFL Combine.

Pollard on the left and Verner on the right.


Tennessee also needs to decide what route to take in the draft and other players that they might need to cut. With that being said, Tennessee has one big question mark beside one expensive player and that’s Chris Johnson. Johnson hasn’t been the same for the past few season. Some might speculate that he’s past his prime even though he’s only 28. Johnson is due $8 million next season and quite frankly, Tennessee just can’t afford that. For all the Titans fans, like myself, out there, don’t expect to see Chris Johnson in a Titans uniform next season.

As of right now, the Titans have approximately $10 million in cap space this year. Everybody knows what that little of money means… some well known faces are getting the infamous pink slip. As I already stated, Johnson is likely gone and that will free up $6 million. Other players could be Kamerion Whimbley ($2.4 million), David Stewart ($6.4 million), Nate Washington ($4.8 million), Craig Stevens ($2.4 million), Ryan Fitzpatrick ($3.25 million), and Eugene Amano ($2 million). If they decide to cut these players, possibly more, they’ll find themselves with $37,250,000 million in cap space. That’s a big difference from $10 million. Expect a lot of cuts between now and March 11th when free agency starts.


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